[NewGrad] looking for refferals for full-time roles

New / Eng _95
Aug 22 6 Comments

I have around 2 yoe and a decent github portfolio, with live websites, mobiles games, open source stuff etc. I can't get passed screening since I'm in Chicago and targeting SF bay area companies, I'm thinking maybe referrals could help.

Companies: Apple, Blizzard, Disney, EA, Github, Reddit, Slack, Twitter
Link: [https://repher.me/r/-LmvcFh7PXzpa34pYUA_]

Thanks for the help!


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  • Booking.com
    Баба Яга


    Баба Ягаmore
    I'm surprised that you only mentioned one faang company. Usually people want more. Which domain are you interested in?
    Aug 22 1
    • New / Eng _95
      Mainly full stack web, I don't mind working front end or back end separate if the pay/work was great.
      Aug 22
  • SAP / Eng

    SAP Eng

    Teradata, Cisco
    What school did you go to ?
    Aug 22 1
    • New / Eng _95
      A state university in Michigan.
      Aug 22
  • Credit Karma hRwS07
    Dm me for CreditKarma or apply directly https://jobs.lever.co/creditkarma?lever-via=tkCkNhxgCA
    Sep 10 0
  • Expensify sf_hiring
    DM for Expensify!
    Aug 23 0