✉️ Microsoft Outlook: Fix those spam filters

Walmart.com fiVn5$!Br
Jan 27 5 Comments

Is Microsoft Outlook not aware that their spam filters are the worst in the industry? I keep getting these fake Apple, Amazon, and PayPal notifications.

I figured I might as well post here so that an engineer sees this...


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TOP 5 Comments
  • New xnjo70
    They don’t scan your emails contents. So it is much harder to build an advanced spam filter.
    Jan 27 3
    • New / Eng abuhr3i
      Oh interesting. Is it due to privacy concerns?
      Jan 27
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      Really? that is absolutely false. They do have content filters, URL filters, classifiers and more. They don't read content to serve ads. Big difference.
      Jan 27
    • Microsoft SatyaClaus
      @google is correct.
      Jan 27
  • Proofpoint / Eng foodtruckj
    Which is why companies use Proofpoint's software
    Jan 27 0


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