💆‍♂️💆‍♀️How do you define a “good” massage? fiVn5$!Br
Jan 5

I got a massage today, and came back with a bruise.

I can’t tell if the ones I’ve been getting are any good.

1) I get rubbed on the butt (specific pressure points) and the pain feels like someone punched me when I’m being touched
2) Anytime my legs (quads, hamstrings), get rubbed, the pain comes from masseuse squeezing hard

Most of these massages are performed by Thai ladies or East Asian ladies, and are mostly Hot Stone or Swedish, nothing crazy like deep tissue. The pain is not typically burning/tingling, it’s feels like being smashed on a pressure point.

If I were to ask for less pressure, it would just be a person gently rubbing on me. I pay good money to get work done on my bod, darnit!

Is this normal to feel this level of pain?

Also: any referrals to good massage therapists around SF/Bay Area? Strong hands but also relaxing?


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  • Amazon kuchnai
    A good massage is where you end up happy. If you know what I mean ;)
    Jan 60
  • New PcNF27
    A good massage has a happy ending
    Jan 60
  • Facebook


    I also used to think you had to get your money's worth in terms of pressure.

    I snapped out of it when I realized that I'd never order a steak well done to maximize cooking time per dollar.
    Jan 61
  • fiVn5$!Br
    Re: happy ending massages - I only do professional massages, don’t want randos touching my privates 🤪. I reserve that privilege for my partner.
    Jan 60
  • Medtronic / EngSnakeDr
    Don’t go to Asian Massage Parlors, they really just try to get you horny so they can up charge you...unless that’s your goal.

    I for one need deep tissue with a woman with strong hands, but is sounds like you more like the Swedish massage technique, and definitely stay away from pressure point massages.

    Any decent Massuese should be able to adjust the pressure for you.
    Jan 60
  • Microsoft OlЮ
    Usually they should start with a warm up. Later on massuse can add more pressure, but it should never lead to bruises.
    For me a good massage feels similar to a good work out followed by sauna: body is tired and very relaxed.
    Jan 50
  • Wells Fargo uMRx83
    You should never ever have a bruise from a Swedish massage. Those are soft handed and primarily for relaxation. I’ve had deep tissue that leave my muscles sore similar to post work out soreness but bruises? I wouldn’t go back
    Jan 50
  • ViaSat / Designmark1650
    I've had some really amazing massages in Asia. The price was good too. Never any lingering pain. Happy endings are easier to find there too if that's what you really want.
    Jan 70
  • New


    Sounds like you are going to the wrong places. The masseuse is supposed to know what's the right pressure and not leave bruises. If you go to a really good place, you feel like you are walking on a cloud afterwards.
    Jan 70
  • Bank of The West / Consultant

    Bank of The WestConsultant

    Cisco, eBay, NetApp, VMware
    Don’t go to Asian parlor and you will find a good massage fast.
    Jan 60
  • Cisco Infensus
    It should feel nice, bordering on pain some times. But it should feel good.
    Jan 50
  • Cognizant APIPM
    No bruises at all. It might be some reaction on pimples or acne. That’s about it.
    Jan 50

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