1b1b available in a 2b2b in downtown Seattle

Oracle searching!
Apr 14 13 Comments

Looking for a roommate to share a 2b2b apartment in Belltown. 10 min walk to most Amazon building. Message me if interested.


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  • Salesforce curious03
    1475 In Seattle too ? I thought that's the rate in SF
    Apr 14 7
    • You could. I have a friend who rented studio for $1000 all together, two blocks from the ocean in SF.
      Apr 14
    • For Seattle that's crazy price for the room! They can rent one bedroom cheaper there.
      Apr 14
    • Oracle searching!
      Lol. I’ve lived here for 3 years now, and I’m sure you cannot find a good studio less than 1600.
      Apr 14
    • Where? In Seattle or SF?
      My friend's studio wasn't the best, but livable.
      Apr 14
    • But my friend found it somehow! By the way, it was $800 three years ago, withing 3 years, while he was living it raised to $1000. Everything is included (furniture, gas, bills).
      It is very small though.
      I was shocked as well. Since for the same price I rent a room here, in Bay area and I want a studio as well 😑
      Apr 14
  • CVS Health JholBaba
    Looking for M/F?
    Apr 14 2
  • Amazon NewlyHired
    How much
    Apr 14 1