1st round TPM Interview @ Qualtrics - Tips?

Bank of America / Data tSWv17
Feb 10 5 Comments

Any tips/suggestions for 1st round telephonic TPM interview @ Qualtrics?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Also, TPM = Technical Program Manager
(though job description defines the role as product+program centric)


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  • Qualtrics CNgv51
    Read through the Qualtrics website and familiarize yourself with the basics.
    Find ways to relate the experiences you share to the 5 pillars: Transparency, all-in, customer obsessed, one team, scrappy.
    Not sure if TPM is a coding screen or not — but be sure you’re ready technically.
    Feb 10 3
    • Bank of America / Data tSWv17
      @CNgv51 - thanks a lot, definitely helps!
      Trying to find out if the 1st remote/telephonic round involves coding and/or system design questions.
      Feb 10
    • Qualtrics CNgv51
      If there are any coding questions, I think the Qualtrics eng public blog describes what the interviews are like. Mostly leetcode/hackerrank medium questions.
      Feb 10
    • Amazon didbdisn
      Whether Software Development Manager has coding round?
      Mar 11
  • Qualtrics / Ops

    Qualtrics Ops

    Came from non tech to tech.
    Usually the first coding interview is after the phone call
    Feb 11 0


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