$249 million

Amazon lvd11
Jan 7 21 Comments

The amount of mortgage payments owed within the next 30 days by federal employees who will not be getting a paycheck.


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  • Amazon BlindExec
    Make a deal Pelosi and Schumer, they said border security is important so put up or shut up
    Jan 8 4
    • Amazon lvd11
      That doesn't mean a wall is important. It's not.
      Jan 8
    • Amazon / Eng KHCr70
      They dont have to make a deal. This is trump's shit show 100%.

      It would be like Obama saying "no more guns in America, or I dont approve the budget!"
      Jan 8
    • Oath / Eng fat
      Even the GOP itself is not aligned on this issue. The wall is pretty low priority on the party’s agenda.
      Jan 8
    • Amazon lvd11
      57% of Americans oppose it, a number that clearly includes many Republicans (or if you think 57% are all Democrats the Republicans are in serious trouble).
      Jan 8
  • Apple juxygsv
    Disgusting. I doubt many families are prepared for this financially.
    Jan 7 3
    • Workday / Product Descartes
      Can be stopped any day by passing real border security that Chuck previously advocated for.
      Jan 8
    • Amazon lvd11
      He never, ever suggested paying 5.6 billion for a wall. Real border security is more of an issue of having the right laws.

      The President is such a fraud his team had taken to lying to try and justify this boondoggle.

      He got caught claiming thousands of terrorists had crossed the southern border and then it turned out that they were simply people on watchlist traveling at airports.

      You know, those watchlists where TSA interrogates 3 years old kids because they have the same name as somebody....

      Total clown show.
      Jan 8
    • Intuit . 🤖
      A wall won’t do f**k all for actual border security and we all know it.
      Jan 8
  • LinkedIn WeAreBlind
    Great job! Free bananas for you tomorrow 🍌🍌
    Jan 7 1
    • Amazon NeedflDoer
      Fuck off only we get to make the banana jokes.

      When you do it is harassment
      Jan 8
  • Qualcomm Lebron!
    Jan 7 0
  • Microsoft leet_away
    You should be thankful that non-essential parts of the government are being paused. This should be made permanent. It’s not like they cannot find any new jobs in the private sector.
    Jan 8 3
    • Amazon / Eng Chad🕶
      A lot of the people who are not being paid, i would not describe as non essential. TSA agents and air traffic controllers are both federal employees currently working without pay.
      Jan 8
    • Amazon lvd11
      Secret service

      The have been ordered to work without pay, but that only works for as long as they decide to stay in the job.

      They can always just quit. At some point they won't have a choice.

      Wonder how many of his security detail need to quit before Trump caves.
      Jan 8
    • Wayfair dabadooee
      Ron Swanson
      Jan 8
  • Microsoft ivanka
    Fuck the government
    Jan 8 1
    • Uber ayiayi
      You dad sucks!
      Jan 8
  • Capital One EXwk33
    Hopefully you don't want a tax refund, because the IRS in currently not working
    Jan 8 1
    • Microsoft leet_away
      I adjust my withholdings through the year and always fall in a +/-$200 pay/refund range and therefore couldn’t care less. If you’re waiting for a big refund you’re clearly doing it wrong.
      Jan 8
  • New / Eng hdgbee7
    I bet you slept well last night.
    Jan 8 0


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