27 inch kitchen range

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Feb 5 9 Comments

Does anyone know where we can find a 27 invh smooth top electric kitchen range? Due to miscalculation our cabinets are bigger than expected, and we are left with only 28 inches for the range. Standard sizes are 24 or 30, only 1 range at 27 but it doesn't even have a smooth top. Any suggestion?


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  • Microsoft Mr.Robot.
    Ask blind, the construction knowledge here will astound you
    Feb 5 0
  • Microsoft SatyaClaus
    A sawzall is cheaper.
    Feb 5 0
  • New DuQvV7x
    Best option: redo the cabinet.

    Option 2: put in a cooktop. You lose the oven though. However, a drop may be an option for you.

    Option 3: A 24 inch range and a 3-inch spice rack beside it
    Feb 6 1
    • Google filing
      I was looking exactly at this spice rack. I'm trying to contact carpenter to help w cabinets
      Feb 6
  • Seriously you could get a carpenter to easily modify your cabinets and/or drawers. I had a carpenter shorten the boxes on our IKEA cabinets above the refrigerator. 27" ranges don't exist as far as I know only 24" compact ranges for kitchenettes.
    Feb 5 1
    • Google filing
      Do you have any referral for the carpenter who did the job? How much did it cost?
      Feb 6
  • Cognizant APIPM
    Try Home Depot or Best Buy online
    Feb 6 0
  • New GoT fan
    TC or GTFO.
    Feb 5 0
  • Microsoft / Other kobf&hd36
    Get a couple new cabinets. They come in 3" increments and much easier than trying to find a custom size stove and hood.
    Feb 5 0