28 & trying to switch careers into SD from Architecture

New geeerm
May 29 5 Comments

Hey all,

I'm 28 and working as an architectural designer and I'm paid more than a lot of my peers at my level (60k in IA), but I'm not interested in this field anymore and salary growth is close to peaking in this industry.

I want to switch to programming / software development. I specifically want to work with robotics and manufacturing since the plan is to move back to IL eventually and those interest me.

I'm not coming into this completely out of the blue, I have used some basic Python and HTML and have been learning to develop games in Unity using C# and in GMS2 with their proprietary language and I really enjoy the troubleshooting aspect and have used some of this to build efficiencies in my current job.

I'm stuck on the commitment of a degree vs a bootcamp or online program. Since Architecture is so different, pretty much just my gen eds transfer. I work full time and virtually none of the classes I need are offered in the evening and I need to keep my job while I go through school. I highly doubt my job will let me move my schedule around that much.

A few questions:

Does anyone know of reputable online programs or bootcamps for CS that aren't just web dev bootcamps and would cover my area of interest?

How prevalent is ageism in the region/industry for a 32yo new grad?

Should I go for the extra semester for the MS in CSE or just get a second BS?

Is it just coastal companies that hire people without degrees or do you know of Midwest companies having the same attitude?

Many thanks in advance!


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  • Amazon SeekingHLP
    Try https://www.edx.org/

    I suggest algorithm and data structure.

    And yes, ageism is real.
    May 29 2
    • New geeerm
      Thanks! I've heard good things from a hobby level with edX, but that it's nowhere near a replacement for a degree. What do you think?
      May 29
    • Amazon SeekingHLP
      Yep, agree. Not close to a degree but a lot of free course will help you understand the concepts, and prepare for potential interviews.
      May 29
  • Amazon mdllgo
    Look I started my job at 31, having kids. It's not easy to compete with college kids who have nothing else to do than work (no family/kids). So if by "ageism" you mean competing, then yes it's real, but if you meant discrimination from the companies, then no, they don't care as long as you do the job.
    Also go for MS (even just course work, no thesis) than another BS, because it's shorter (i.e. less expensive), more organized and focused and less party time.
    May 29 1
    • New geeerm
      This is helpful, thanks!
      May 30


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