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Nov 24, 2018 12 Comments

I found 2 data points for Quant Researcher at hedge fund on levels.fyi as around 2.8 mil (2 mil bonus) and 4.2 mil. Any one who works at citadel etc who knows if thats even possible or are these just fake data points.?


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  • Citadel / Eng

    Citadel Eng

    Yeah it’s possible
    Nov 24, 2018 10
    • Facebook Rdfrt
      @chupanibre I think the median quoted excludes people who can't perform well and are let go which is much more common compared to tech. So it's not "average" in that sense. I also suspect the "caliber" or at least the "qualification" of average quant researcher hired at top hedge funds (even before firings) is higher than the average software engineer at google or FB. So we are not comparing average of similar set of people. Third, the industry is just different.
      Nov 24, 2018
    • Google / Eng chupanibre
      Oh yeah I heard you can't slack off at citadel. What about other firms? Is there any place with both a good wlb and pay?
      Nov 25, 2018
    • Amazon / Eng Bobi
      Is it easy to switch to quant, from ML position. Should I start learning finance
      Nov 25, 2018
    • Facebook / Eng finsta
      Yeahhhh I should go get a phd
      Nov 25, 2018
    • Chase tjPE83
      Note that citadel data also suffers from huge survivalship bias since many low performing ppl are fired quickly.
      Nov 30, 2018
  • Facebook public2
    Possible? More like normal.
    Nov 24, 2018 0


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