3 YOE at MSFT as SWE 1, move to SDE 1 at AMZN?

Microsoft VVRg21
Sep 9 7 Comments

I have a bit over 3 YOE at Microsoft (Redmond), still level 60/SWE 1. I'm looking to move to the BA and did a phone interview with Amazon (advertising) and while I got a no for SDE 2, the recruiter just messaged me saying the interviewer said "yes" for SDE 1.

Would it be a bad idea to move from SWE 1 to SDE 1 after 3 YOE? I feel like I'm on the lower end of candidates with 3 yoe, no real design experience or leadership experience yet, so interviewing has been tough. Obviously no guarantee that anything changes at Amazon, but curious what you all think.


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  • Oracle / Eng sabado
    You should try some other companies. 3 YOE still being SDE1 on your resume makes you look bad.

    Promotion at Amazon is highly depending on the manager. Don't take the risk of being SDE1 when you have 5 YOE.
    Sep 9 1
    • Microsoft VVRg21
      I've been interviewing with others as well, I don't know if they've been for SWE/SDE 2 or senior positions or whatever though.
      Sep 9
  • Microsoft HcxQ14
    No. I did a similar mistake during my recent move. I still feel bad for not negotiating / trying for better grade elsewhere even though I have had promotions since then. You can never escape the feeling of lagging behind.
    Sep 9 1
    • Microsoft VVRg21
      I feel like faking my way into SWE 2 isn't gonna help that much though, as I don't really feel that I have SWE 2 abilities.
      Sep 9
  • Indeed DqSF08
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  • Microsoft hLov73
    Of course no...
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  • PwC / Eng

    PwC Eng

    Lockheed Martin, The Progressive Corporation, NextEra Energy
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