3 party system coming

Intel movaxbx
Mar 11 18 Comments

With the arrival of the extreme left ; AOC and OMAR. Are we heading for a 3 party system?


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    • Intel UGeJ58
      The moderates are not going to be properly represented any time soon.

      Source: Voter turn-out rates
      Mar 11
  • New sparked
    The left can’t afford a 3 party system. They have enough trouble under their current “unified” banner.
    Mar 111
    • Intel movaxbx
      My point is they can’t control it.
      Mar 11
  • Credit Karma EllisDee25
    There are two parties but 3 popular voting bases: left, center and right.

    The DNC has tried to capture the center since the 1990s while the RNC has moved steadily right in the last decade. This has left a big vacuum on the Left as until Sanders in 2016, the DNC’s attitude was that the left would vote for them no matter what because of the conservative Republicans.

    The center and right have a lot more infrastructure and financial/institutional backing. The left’s traditional bases have been left depleted and scattered, so imo a new party representing the left - in order to have any real gravity to it, would have to be part of an upsurge in social movements and or labor.

    (And Omar and AOC and Sanders are fairly moderate in the context of the left internationally or even in the US before the mid/late 80s.)
    Mar 112
    • Facebook / Eng


      Are you saying that Socialists need a host organization to leech funding from? Shocking.
      Mar 11
    • Credit Karma EllisDee25
      Balls, what party accepts no donations and needs no funding or supporters? Lol.

      Nope, I’m not saying that a left 3rd party simply needs funds (campaigns can run on good will, so funding is a given need). I’m saying that a left 3rd party would need a social base.

      Parties are not a collection of ideas but coalitions (collections of people and orgs) representing real interests. The 2 main ones have support from industry and therefore a material base to fundraise for candidates or the party as a whole, they have connections to institutions like conservative Christian groups or unions, and the corporate media who can help further their cause, etc.

      Socialism is simply a popular idea right now. But popular ideas, unfortunately, are not how things are accomplished in the US government system.

      A left populist or labor party would also need to be a coalition representing people and things with actual social power and influence - otherwise a party is just a collection of random ideas and personalities-not a vehicle for unrepresented material interests of actual people and groups.
      Mar 11
  • Google et2nw8
    Unless America gets rid of FPTP it's just going to split the Dem base.
    Mar 110
  • New / Eng


    No, unless the voting system changes. 1 vote per person system always tends toward two main parties because of strategic voting and game theory.
    Mar 111
    • Intel UGeJ58
      This. Let's get the Australian method going
      Mar 11
  • Lyft swetool
    Yes sometime in the last 30 years the two main parties completely inbred with each other. We’ve been seeing first with the GOP and now with the DNC restructuring
    Mar 110
  • Oracle


    Google, Facebook, Instacart, Twitter, Uber, Air Asia, IBM, Cisco
    Parties come and go in US but it always settles into a two-party system.
    Mar 110
  • Amazon fy76Y
    Did the Republican party split when Trump turned it from neocon to populist? It's it going to?

    No? They the Dems won't split either.
    Mar 110
  • United Wholesale Mortgage

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    General Motors
    Do you really think the ultra right will have a party in 10-20 years? Most of their money and support comes from people that were born in the silent film era and look like the crypt keeper.
    Mar 110
  • BlackRock xis
    It will only split when 2 leaders with significant following among party caucus stop being greedy and become irrational. You need substantially established political machines and years of work to establish a political party, unlike running for President where you just have to prove you are better than Hillary.
    New party from grassroots have limited outreach, influence and get limited “VC” funding, esp because they know you want to carve a market share in a saturated market.
    Mar 300
  • New eNBa60
    Based on the trajectory of the Republican Party, I doubt it...There used to be Rockefeller Republicans aka Liberal Republicans. The right literally has turned “liberal” into a pejorative. People may register as Independents more often though - that I can see.
    Mar 110
  • Monster unholy!
    Parties need to be eliminated altogether.
    Mar 110
  • Intel thefocal
    Mar 110
  • Lyft swetool
    Like two times more X military dems arrived Congress this session. The media just loves to play up the 25% of the party that’s liberal.
    Mar 110

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