4 YoE - MS Core Services Engg Offer

Sandia National Laboratories rgMg40
Sep 22 5 Comments

I have an offer with MSIT in Bellevue: $120k base, $10k bonus and $20k stock. I don't consider that great considering some of the other offers I see here and specially my current comp being 100k in a low cost of living area. Is there room for negotiation?


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  • Amazon syrbskcb
    Msit is probably the worst group within MSFT.

    What is the position/role? The role seems to be non-tech, or a new grad offer.
    Sep 22 3
    • Rakuten / Ops

      Rakuten Ops

      Rakuten USA
      Obligatory: YoE 20, TC 41k. Such is life for us non-SWE office monkeys!
      What kinds of non tech jobs pay 120? (And how do I get in on them :) )
      Sep 22
    • Amazon syrbskcb
      My wife had a PM/solutions architect offer for $120k total comp at msft, straight out of college.
      Sep 22
    • Sandia National Laboratories rgMg40
      The role is Software Engineer.
      Sep 22
  • PNC qEoW80
    You can negotiate. Ask for details. Say pay me more and I'll sign now and stop interviews
    Sep 25 0


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