$400 ultrasound, i pay half

Amazon / Eng sisycules
Mar 30 15 Comments

is that a typical result/cost of an ultrasound ($200 out of pocket)?


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  • Google / Eng Bluths
    That depends on your insurance, the reason you had an ultrasound and where you had it. There is no typical in American healthcare.
    Mar 30 1
    • Amazon / Eng n0v
      Well it's typically a rip-off.
      Mar 30
  • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
    Depends on your insurance.

    Today, I just paid $40 with Kaiser, Santa Clara, CA.
    Mar 30 0
  • Google mcml
    On our high deductible health plan, 750$ is the in-network discounted rate.

    Healthcare here is total BS. These private negotiated rates with individual insurances need to go away. Price per CPT code needs to be transparent.
    Mar 30 0
  • Amazon / Eng tenders
    If you have HSA you have to pay until you reach the deductible before it gets cheaper.
    Mar 30 0
  • New


    That's pocket change. $200 to Amazon engrs is like $15 to someone on minimum wage.
    Mar 31 1
    • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
      Do they have the same skill set?

      Did they put the same efforts in their studies?

      You fruits would always be the results of the kind of seeds you put in the soil.
      Mar 31
  • Amazon yrtew
    Facility charged insurance 1100$ for ultrasound (few weeks back). Insurance paid around 700$ and I paid around 80$ (10%). Have ppo.
    Mar 31 0
  • Oath xxxcd
    Sound about right. Consider that my son had an x-ray in the ER room and they charged $1400 to the insurance. 🤯
    Mar 30 0
  • Yes, that's exactly what I paid. I paid $200 out of $400 for an ultrasound right at the counter before the ultrasound. Few weeks later, I received a bill saying the insurance did not cover the rest of the cost and I have another $200 to pay. This repeated multiple times, with ultrasound and doctor visits. I paid a lot of money because my insurance wouldn't kick in until I met my deductible, which was high. Even after it is met, there were a lot of terms and conditions on what is covered and what's not. I really never went through all the details until I needed it. Fml.

    My suggestion is to carefully chose an insurance plan next time. For this time, just go through the details or call up your insurance company.
    Mar 30 2
    • Dropbox pu5h33n
      You might want to ask your insurer cost estimates for ultrasounds at different locations. It can vary significantly. I’m sure you can find one that’ll cost less than $200 out of pocket.
      You can also chose Kaiser as your insurer and stop playing the guessing game with billing.
      Mar 30
    • Amazon yrtew
      You can also get an FSA for upto your deductible amount but then if you don’t use it, you lose the money.
      Mar 31
  • Google PageRanker
    The amount you pay depends on your copay, deductible and out-of-pocket max as well as what is the negotiated price between the doctor and the insurance (if in network) or whatever the doctor charges (if out of network).
    You pay
    - 100% until you meet the deductible
    - your copay after the deductible is met
    - 0 once you reach out-of-pocket max

    In your case Im guessing $200 is the deductible plus the copay.
    Mar 31 0
  • VMware BobbleHat
    I pay $0. Wife’s insurance is awesome.
    Mar 31 0
  • We paid only $20. Rest was covered by the insurance.
    Mar 30 0