5 YOE - 2 offers - Need advice on evaluating offers for career

Amazon foobario
Sep 17 10 Comments

I have 5 YOE but only 1 YOE as a Software Engineer (first 4 years I did a mix of research/prototyping, no real customer product). Compensation is not a factor as they are pretty much equivalent assuming no recession in the next year.

Looking for any advice or questions I should ask myself when making a decision here.

I have two offers that I am evaluating and need to decide by today/tomorrow at latest:

1. Wayfair - L3 - TC: $213,000
160k base / $16k bonus / $108k stock / $10k sign on bonus
Requires moving to city (high cost of living)
Apparently Wayfair is not profitable yet
Stock has a lot of room to grow
Bigger team, younger workforce
2. Lesser known small company (call it Foobar) (~300 employees) - Senior - TC: $209,000
190k base / 19k bonus
Company is profitable (was also recently acquired by another private company)
I can commute to here in ~30 minutes at most already, no moving needed.
Uncertain if I would get any stock once they go public, uncertain if they will IPO
Very small team, I'd be a key contributor, everyone is 10+ years older than me.

Wayfair TC is overall worth more, but Foobar compensation is all cash up front. No stock from Foobar because they are still private but they plan IPO within 2 years and should grant some stock to each employee.

I think they are both excellent offers considering my YOE, and I really don't know which one is better for me in terms of career. So compensation is not really a factor now in my decision.

Looking for any advice or questions I should ask myself when making a decision here.


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  • HackerRank kjybvhji
    I’d say foobar
    Sep 17 1
    • New / Strategy Porsche996
      This. Why do you say Wayfair has stock for growth. AFAIK I think it's WeWork in steroids.
      They either get acquired or go bankrupt or change business strategy from selling engineered cardboards.
      Sep 17
  • New / IT

    New IT

    Amazon, REI, Time
    Foobar, cash up front is worth more than stock in the bush
    Sep 17 0
  • Amazon / Eng gr8coder
    Current TC or gtfo?
    Sep 17 1
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Amazon foobario
      Outside city, no cost of living increase if I go to Foobar.
      Sep 17
  • Wayfair WNEm45
    Foobar. I'd ask for stocks though.
    Sep 17 0
  • Google / Consultant VVvF03
    Sep 17 0
  • Microsoft ILoveTC
    Foo bar
    Sep 17 0
  • Amazon techled
    Sep 17 0


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