$65k Bay Area WITCH "SWE" - Going nowhere and feel like just giving up on life

Apple bogle
Aug 14 20 Comments

About me:
BSCS from random unranked state school
YOE: Few months
US Citizen
TC: $65k/year, living with parents
Need to stay in the Bay Area for family reasons

WITCH = Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Congizant, HCL. I work for one of these companies (1st job out of college). The client where i work at is Apple.

I have basically done nothing of value here that counts as experience i can put on my resume. I have ended up doing very little dev work (just some Java and JS) and mainly just some operations work here and there. Many days there is simply nothing for me to do. I want to leave but i have nothing that i can put on my resume to show for my time here.

My leetcode progress has been slow. I just really suck at these questions. I know i need to work a lot harder (multiple hours a day) if i want to get to the point where i can solve medium which seems to be the bare minimum for the Bay Area.

At this point I will even take a minimum wage job if it is what i need to do to get some actual dev experience on my resume. The longer I stay here, the longer I stagnate and gain no skills.

What do i even do in my situation? I am more interested in backend than frontend. So is my best bet to do 2 - 3 in depth side projects and put them on my resume to get interviews, then a ton of LC to pass the interviews? I will be going for the easiest companies possible of course (non-tech companies) rather than FAANG type companies. Thinking of also attending meetups to network and practice LC with others.

Anyone have any advice? It would be appreciated


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  • Yelp / Eng sJJv80
    Leetcode at work when there’s nothing for you to do.
    Aug 14 0
  • Stitch Fix / Retail

    Stitch Fix Retail

    Senior Stylist at Stitch Fix
    Wish I still lived in the Bay Area, I’d be open to networking with you for support. Just hang in there and stay focused!
    Aug 14 1
    • Apple bogle
      I appreciate it man. I'll admit that i have been lazy about it because at times it feels like such a big hurdle to overcome but I am done messing around and won't quit until i make it happen
      Aug 14
  • Google / Eng Bluths
    Network to get interview. LC to pass them.
    Aug 14 1
    • Apple bogle
      Will definitely network hard as possible to get interviews. My biggest problem is extremely weak resume b/c ive done nothing at this job. Side projects on github would be the best way to remedy this right?
      Aug 14
  • Zoox / Eng VyGO67
    I think you have the right plan. Be persistent and execute
    Aug 14 0
  • Google əๅɓoo⅁
    Put more effort into leetcoding as you have free time at work. Apple on your resume will land you some interviews. Nobody looks for experience in the resume these days, just put whichever projects you touched there.
    Aug 14 3
    • Western Digital me_🥴
      Smaller companies do look at the experience from my recent interview experience and actually a couple of companies rejected me for QA positions since my experience is in Dev or they just lied for the reason of rejection
      Aug 14
    • Apple bogle
      Thanks. Technically im not an Apple employee, I am a WITCH employee. Any recommendations on how i should phrase it on my resume to maximize the "Apple" and minimize the "WITCH"?
      Aug 14
    • VMware vmware_123
      Make some fancy name side projects and put them on Resume. Always write Apple on resume with actual employer bame in brackets. Go to some startups and then jump ship after an year or two.

      P.S. Leetcode easy and medium.
      Aug 14
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    hack em
    Try for conversion from WITCH to Apple
    Aug 14 1
    • Apple bogle
      They dont convert from what i know. If you want to join Apple, you actually have to leave Apple entirely for 6 months before you are eligible to become a full time at Apple
      Aug 14
  • Wipro jymY51
    Sep 30 0
  • Apple Gkvk41
    Was you, escaped recently. DM me for tips.
    Sep 23 0
  • Amazon TRuc81
    Dude work smarter not harder, you shouldn’t need to grind leetcode. Understand the concepts and patterns
    Aug 14 0
  • Salesforce benimeoff
    I am let down that this post wasnt by an actual witch...
    Aug 14 0
  • Rivian


    Tesla Motors
    Take an udemy course about interviewing as a swe once you get comfortable with lc. That will help you with hacking the structure
    Aug 14 0
  • Orion / Cust. Srv. 🌹♟🗡
    Dude just look for another job, even if with a putzy start up- even another 20k with a company where you do real work would be an improvement.
    Aug 14 0
  • eBay tootall1
    Leetcode will help, other way is open source contributions. Open source contributions into one of your interesting projects will help you understand how it is used etc... you can start with basic bug fixes on it.
    Aug 14 0
  • Google / Eng LevelZ
    Leetcode hard son
    Aug 14 0


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