7 yoe, 5 years startup, what comp at big co

Apr 20 5 Comments

Have 7 years of experience in Silicon Valley, backend infra, frontend (React), blockchain. worked at a big company for 2 years but most recent 5 years at early-stage startups. What can I expect in TC if working at a big company (Google, Facebook, Netflix)?


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  • Uber bag .
    Really depends on your actual interview skill and afterward negotiation. Can be anywhere from 250k to 500k

    You may fail all of the interviews as well
    Apr 21 2
    • Pinterest Xinping
      This ^^^
      Apr 21
    • Can confirm. Spent many years at startups.

      Time to start LCing hard. Get some offers from the low-paying ones first like Yahoo/EBay/Oracle/Cisco then move on to FAANG/unicorns when ready.
      Apr 21
  • Google / Eng
    चाचा चौधरी

    Google Eng

    चौधरीकोइँन H Y P E
    चाचा चौधरीmore
    Most likely L4 with 250k at Google. If you have weak interview, the HC might even give you L3. Non FNG experience doesn't exactly match with Google.
    Apr 21 0
  • LinkedIn / Eng The zapper
    at least 300k
    Apr 20 0