A Complete List of Top High Frequency Trading Firms and the Salary Info

Google Editors
Aug 14 18 Comments


Disclosure: My total compesation at Google is $460K.

You can see exactly how much top high frequency trading firms pay their employees below.

1. The salary data does not include bonus, which could be much higher than the base salary.
2. The salary data is indexed from the Department of Labor disclosure data on H1B and Green Card applications.
Citadel Securities
Jane Street
Two Sigma
Hudson River Trading
Tower Research Capital
Latour Trading
Jump Trading
Virtu Financials
IMC Financial Markets
PDT Partners
Radix Trading


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TOP 18 Comments
  • Two Sigma mlplat
    For the higher-level (and mid-level) positions, salary without bonuses is practically meaningless. E.G. it’s not uncommon for a MD to have a 250k base and 750k bonus
    Aug 14 2
    • Google Editors
      That’s the life. I hope they could have disclosed the bonus data as well.
      Aug 14
    • Jane Street Capital bfjfjfbfnd
      Yeah, this is useless without bonus and tenure info.
      Aug 14
  • Susquehanna International / Eng Kristaps11
    Honestly the best indicator of pay is to just look at where the talent goes to, and whether the firm is more research oriented or more trader oriented.

    If a firm is really small and has a ton of devs from the bigger top firms and ex senior FAANG devs, good sign. If the firm has a substantial research platform codebase and researchers themselves get down and dirty with the C++, good sign.

    If the firm has substantial code (more than on research backends) dedicated to trade ops monitoring, bad sign (for both devs and quants).

    If a firm is siloed off and pnl is hidden from employees, generally a bad sign though top performers in such firms do make metric fucktons afaik.
    Aug 14 4
    • Google Editors
      I like your insights!!!
      Aug 14
    • Bloomberg 1048482919
      How does one determine this?

      And how would you rank the firms listed in the original post, according to these criteria?
      Aug 14
    • Susquehanna International / Eng Kristaps11
      These are things you get a feel for and ask questions about when interviewing. Firms that truly value a collaborative culture will happily answer these questions and ones that don’t will give shallow or indirect answers.

      I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m making an opinion on what trading firms SHOULD do in terms of organization and culture etc etc. I think any firm should do what’s best for the business and any successful trading firm that’s been around for a while has probably thought about all these things and the structure they’ve settled on or grown into is probably along the lines of what’s most profitable for them specifically. I’m only talking about criterias that make me an as individual contributor on the technology side feel better all around (on top of pay of course but honestly I don’t need mind blowing numbers to be happy).

      Out of the listed firms that I’ve interviewed with I’ve felt the best about HRT culture wise. Though as far as I can tell Radix is supposed to be super good. If I were to rank the firms I wouldn’t rank them by pay because I can’t say I know what these firms really pay across the board after several yoe in. I will say I’ve read from a lot of places that Jump’s pay band is really wide.
      Aug 15
    • Bloomberg 1048482919
      Aug 15
  • Google Editors
    Base salary is a concrete number. Bonus is a probability distribution. Any concrete bonus number may be as useless as none.
    Aug 14 1
    • Jane Street Capital / Eng csyibl
      Presumably we shouldn't count RSUs for the same reason?
      Aug 16
  • Two Sigma / Eng mgre
    Please summarize.

    Though this is also completely useless without bonus, salary caps out pretty quickly.
    Aug 14 1
    • Google Editors
      Navigate through partial information is a key to survive in Quant trading.
      Aug 14
  • Hudson River Trading MHBQ16
    This is pretty pointless. Like 1.5 years in my bonus is more than 50% my base
    Aug 14 2
  • WeWork ToJn12
    Mr. OP, thanks for sharing all the useful info! May I ask how do u compare your current 460K TC at Google l5 with what u got at Tower Research?
    Sep 5 0
  • Red Hat / Eng johnniewic
    Op, You’re the real MVP!
    Sep 5 0


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