A startup laid off everyone and didn't pay

New GEkL30
Feb 6 17 Comments

Please suggest if you know how to make an employer to pay. They owe me around 10k. They tell they are trying to sell a company and pay, but more than 3 months have passed and nothing happens. They knew beforehand they have no money, but didn't tell anyone, so people were coming to work every day as usual. I believe this company was some sort of investor's money consumption scheme.I want CEO and other useless tops sell their property and pay. Please let me know if there is a legal way to do that.


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  • Startup lesson #2: when paychecks stop coming you stop working.
    Feb 6 3
    • Amazon god
      What’s the first lesson?
      Feb 6
    • Hitachi Vantara lwith7
      When the paychecks continue to come, you work. A lot.
      Feb 6
    • Startup lesson #1: 98% are scams that will steal your effort and pay you no moneys
      Feb 6
  • New DuQvV7x
    Certainly talk to a lawyer.

    However, here is some hard truth.

    You will likely not get paid.

    The top employees have no personal liability. If the company had value it would have been sold. Eventually they will file bankruptcy.

    Senior debt and accounting fees will consume almost all the assets left during bankruptcy.

    Everyone else gets screwed.

    It’s called capitalism. It’s great when it works. Sucks when it doesn’t.
    Feb 6 2
    • Wayfair 1234abc123
      To be clear, it's still great, just only for the rich people.
      Feb 6
    • New DuQvV7x
      I don’t agree.

      But you’re certainly welcome to your opinion.
      Feb 6
  • Reddit / Eng pzqf14
    Go to a lawyer. A lot of them do free consolations.
    Feb 6 0
  • Kaneva Player-1
    Labor Board, cheaper than a lawyer
    Feb 6 0
  • Google / Mgmt Lovedoo
    Go to a lawyer. Tell your mgmt you plan to sue for back pay. If they are trying to sell they would need to disclose lawsuits that create liability. It maybe better for them to pay, or declare bankruptcy if they cannot find a buyer
    Feb 6 0
  • Microsoft / Eng BadNews
    You just learned the concept of a Limited Liability Company. Owners are not liable for the debts of the company. If the company ran out of money, whoever is owed money is screwed after all the assets of the company were liquidated.
    Feb 6 0
  • www.avvo.com
    I had an employment lawyer pick up my case on a super reasonable contingency fee. (He got paid when we won)
    Mar 4 0
  • eBay OG 💎
    Start bringing their furniture/coffee machine etc home slowly everyday and sell them on Craigslist.
    Feb 7 0
  • Berkeley Lab look look
    Why don’t you tell the name of the company ?
    Feb 6 0
  • Adobe Coco Puff
    Labor board and anonymous call to local news station to investigate. Unfortunately, as some indicated above, you probably won’t get paid. Sorry, mate.
    Feb 6 0
  • Broadcom Ltd. rFkd21
    I tend to agree with DuQvV7x; you’ve got no chance to recover lost wages unless the company was not incorporated properly. I’m owed $5k from a startup in the 2010 timeframe; not going to get that ever.
    Feb 6 0
  • New GEkL30
    It's in Washington state
    Feb 6 0