'A white-collar sweatshop': Google Assistant contractors allege wage theft

Google C50dKt
May 29 19 Comments


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  • Google uyt
    initially, yes. once you have enough data, then you can build meaningful models. as a side note, if you don't like a work, you're free to leave, you're not chained to your desk.
    May 29 16
    • New


      How capitalism works is you fight something (ie wage theft) if you don't like it. You use the rules/laws to your advantage.
      May 29
    • Credit Karma EllisDee25
      Yup, it’s capitalism. And the reason 40% of the population support some form of socialism now.
      May 29
    • Oracle alwzangry
      No, it's crony-capitalism. Socialism isn't a fix either. Until humans evolve, this is going to remain a difficult balancing problem. That doesn't absolve anyone from responsibility and accountability. Effectively saying, "you're free to work elsewhere, but we won't change our illegal or unethical ways"? Yeah, good one.
      May 29
    • Credit Karma EllisDee25
      Wanting capitalism but not “crony capitalism” is like wearing a raw-beef hat but not wanting maggots on your shoulders.
      May 29
    • Oracle alwzangry
      So? What's the creative equivalent of wanting socialism? Is it flawless? Only people who never lived in it pine for it. You cannot have a pure ideology when human nature isn't.
      May 29
  • Uber / Eng mH7bSe
    I have a theory on how Google cafe quality went down over the years:
    They convieniently hired too many TVC who don't occupy headcount therefore they don't bring in new budget to cafe or budget to build new cafes but still eat there.

    Hey Google, you wouldn't have a temp/contractor problem if you didn't hire temp/contractor. Be smart.
    May 29 1
    • Google abc.xyzzz
      every tech company hires temp/contactors. they used to have similar benefits until a bunch of them sued Microsoft.
      May 29