A9 visual search

Salesforce papu88
Jun 11 9 Comments

How’s the A9 visual search team? Is interesting work being done or is it on maintenance mode? Also is the wlb as bad as other amazon teams?

Asking for the position of a sde


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Amazon Jack Ma
    a9 has a lower bar than the Seattle main campus. It is a good thing since the wlb is better and promotion is quicker than main campus.
    Jun 11 5
    • Tableau Ste93
      You sure it's not the other way around? They don't do video onsite at least
      Jun 11
    • Amazon hermit
      Lol its actually the other way around. I now work at A9 and had interviewed at the main campus.
      Jun 11
    • Salesforce papu88
      Can you suggest some good teams at A9?
      Jun 11
    • Amazon hermit
      Search and Advertising are really good. Great people, good wlb and nice problems to solve.
      Jun 11
    • Amazon ql96go
      @hermit "other way around" as in A9 has higher bar than main campus and worse wlb?
      Sep 2
  • Amazon InUD68
    Is A9 harder or headquarter? Previous comments are saying conflicting things
    Sep 10 0
  • Amazon :$sqG@^f
    Lots of interesting work being done. Big efforts on building 3D models of products at scale. Just launched a new softlines search mode called StyleSnap at re:Mars last week. Some of their camera mode visual search is in maintenance mode, but oncall and WLB is fine. Subject to same performance process as Amazon now, for better or worse.
    Jun 13 1
    • Amazon ql96go
      @:$sqG@^f how is sde wlb for visual search compared to internal tool teams in seattle?
      Sep 2