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Facebook QBKl66
Jun 4 4 Comments

I am trying to decide if whether or not I should ask for ADD inattentive ADHD accommodations. I recently started a new job with one of the contracting companies at Facebook and they are not giving me enough time to adjust to the demands. I work as a Content Review Analyst and the QA grading my jobs is doing it too harshly. There are things that are subjective that should count more positively for my score . They only review 15 out of my 140 jobs and say I am 70% one day and then I shoot up to 93% the next and I shoot down back to 70%. I got 93% three times in 2 week performance plan period. I am asking for help and seeking further assistance. I know I have ADHD because I was diagnosed in College . I am trying to decide if it is worth the risk to disclose and ask for more time. I really don’t want to lose my job and I am working really hard. They placed me at an end row where it is very distracting and loud. I find it hard to focus because people are playing ping pong and leaving work early before my shift is over. I think it would benefit me to be able to move to a quieter spot. Any thoughts?


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  • CrowdStrike Mr. Big
    You don’t need to disclose ADHD.... why not just tell someone you can’t focus where you’re currently seated and need a move?
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  • Tesla amtopm
    Yes, you need to request workplace accommodations now. That’s the only way they can provide the ideal conditions for you to perform your best.
    Jun 4 0
  • If something is affecting your performance (adhd or not) bring it up now. If you wait until someone brings up your “perceived poor performance” it may be too late.

    Employee or contractor, be proactive and solve your manager’s problems before they have to spend time on it, and you’ll be perceived as a top performer.
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  • Facebook QBKl66
    I’m worried about not being properly protected because I’m not a direct Facebook employee. I would love to have the opportunity to be a real employee.
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