AE @salesforce vs Solution engineer @oracle CX

SAP oaiqjd
Jun 15 9 Comments

Will potentially receive both offers. What would you choose?

SMB segment for oracle, growth companies at SF. Seems like dealsize/clients will be bigger at oracle(0-500M revenue @ oracle, at salesforce growth means 50-200 ee’s).

TC about the same, however at sf the base is lower with more towards comission. oracle however requires no quotas to be met.


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  • Salesforce iiRp68
    You are comparing apples and broccoli here.. these are totally different job roles
    Jun 15 1
  • Oracle / Sales GGRBB
    I would take AE at Salesforce. SMB CX at Oracle is not a very good group. The benefit of Oracle would be the higher base as you said. Also less likely to get fired than at SF
    Jun 15 1
    • Salesforce hubris
      +1 on what GHRBB said. Best situation is to get in and then pivot to SE so you can make really good money with no risk from quota like an AE has. This will only work if you come in at CMRL AE...that’s about the only way you’ll learn the product. In enterprise the cycles are to long for you to learn much at all.
      Jun 17
  • Salesforce / Sales hapt
    Yay first post! As mentioned already, these are completely different roles. I'm assuming a solution engineer at Oracle CX is a presales position? (When I was with Oracle we were called Presales solution architects, but things might have changed since). It really depends on your apptitide and what you want to do. Do you want to sell? Or assist customers be successful while still being heavily involved in the sales process?
    Jun 18 2
    • SAP oaiqjd
      correct, presales
      Jun 18
    • Salesforce / Sales hapt
      Having worked both sides, Salesforce definitely definitely. If presales is more of what you want to do, you can change to that as you start understanding how things work internally. I know at least a couple of SMB sales that moved into solution engineering. And the company fully supports it. Mind you, achieving quota in Salesforce is hard, probably less on the SMB side because of the rapid pace of it.
      Jun 18
  • Qualtrics 1833565
    Sounds about right. If you are a quota carrier the base will be lower and variable comp higher vs higher base and lower variable if you don’t have a quota. Really depends on what you want. Personally, I’d rather work for SF than Oracle.
    Jun 15 0
  • Salesforce iiRp68
    Depends on what you are interested in doing, sertle on that first, then you could compare the companies
    Jun 15 0


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