AI opportunties in finance?

Bank of America ULKG26
Mar 26 20 Comments

I'm interesting in AI/ML opportunities...My only job experience is working at BOA, so for my next job I'm hoping to target AI teams at banks. Are there any cool opportunities in the finance industry? How is COIN at JP Morgan? Also, if there are any books or online courses you would recommend that would be extremely helpful.


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  • Barclays PLC finra
    Apply at Goldman. They're easily 6+ years ahead of any other bank in tech
    Mar 26 12
    • UBS / Finance IkitClaw
      I'd say Goldman is behind other banks in actual trading tech
      Mar 26
    • BNY Mellon 🍉..
      One of the things I most respect about GS is their general resistance to using vendor products. They're almost like Google in the sense that nearly everything is built in-house.
      Mar 26
    • UBS / Finance IkitClaw
      Talk to any GS dev about slang and rethink your answer
      Mar 26
    • BNY Mellon 🍉..
      re Slang: The best people at GS do not care what tools you provide them with. You define the parameters in which someone can operate and they will exploit them to their full capacity. They enjoy the challenge no matter the context.
      Mar 26
    • Goldman Sachs theNapa
      Having worked in Goldman and comparing notes with friends in tech in other banks, I would say they are way ahead in terms of tech. Sure there will be some departments that use old tech stack but that’s everywhere.
      Mar 27
  • Goldman Sachs / Data DJ Sol
    Goldman has a lot of ML opportunities especially in the new Marcus line of business. As far as we are discussing GS Tech, you should google Marquee by Goldman. Great opportunities there.
    Mar 26 0
  • Wells Fargo Herr Juju
    They have AI positions in BoA, along with lot of other banks. But lot of those positions are vendor driven or application of AI/ML using existing products.

    As far as “cool opportunities” really depends on if you find finance process improvements is cool.
    Mar 26 0
  • Capital One / IT jamb
    You should look for opportunity capitalone, look no further
    Mar 26 2
    • Capital One LYRz87
      Capital One does have some really bright people working on cool things. But it also has a lot of boring places. It should be super clear when you interview which type of team you’re applying for.
      Mar 26
    • Affirm vowb
      Why are so many people here from Cap One?
      Mar 27
  • Two Sigma / Eng SkUF72
    Mar 26 0
  • Wells Fargo gyut
    Many projects in banks are using regression and random forest models or decision trees and still claim themselves to be AI group... be careful when you apply out to any banks...
    Mar 26 0


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