AMEX Product Managers - Worth it?

Chase / Product ptgi36
Aug 5 15 Comments

Can any American Express product managers weigh in on their happiness at the company? I was contacted by a recruiter but want to know what the work life and comp is like. Current work life is great, but very underpaid.

YOE: 2
TC: $102,500


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  • American Express / Strategy PabY40
    Tons of hierarchy, slow decision making and tons of politics. Depends if you’re motivated by efficiency, production and direct talk... as none of that happens here. People who settle in well from the outside, just want to coast. Otherwise most change makers leave after a year due to inability to create change.
    Aug 5 11
    • American Express / Strategy newbie19
      @paby40 you have nailed it
      Aug 6
    • American Express uktg07
      @ptg, isn’t the pay at Chase/JP Morgan/Morgan Stanley the same? Have a friend at Morgan and she said Marketing Pay at VP level’s cap is $120K
      Aug 9
    • Chase / Product ptgi36
      At JPMorgan, marketing and product managers are two separate things
      Aug 10
    • American Express uktg07
      @ptg does product make more? What about product marketing?
      Aug 10
    • Chase / Product ptgi36
      Can’t speak for marketing, but it comes down to line of business as well. For example, product managers or marketers in the CIB make more than the ones in AWM.
      Aug 10
  • American Express lwjG82
    If you want to do nothing, few meetings a day and go home, then it's perfect for you. If you actually want to work and make a difference then no.
    Aug 6 0
  • American Express vista133
    Do you have 2 yoe as PM or 2yoe in total? Which location?
    Aug 5 1
    • Chase / Product ptgi36
      2 YOE as PM, 5 YOE in financial services total. NYC
      Aug 5


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