EMC WiUx83
Jun 6 5 Comments

Anyone recently interviewed for the EC2 TPM role? What to expect in the technical questions? Do they do system design questions in this group or is it more focused on cloud technical skills? Is the phone interview also technical or more based on leadership principles? This is for a senior tpm role L6. Any insight appreciated!


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  • Dell fireBeast
    The phone screen was very conversational basically asking about my current role and a few questions on market research methods and some current tech trends . Yes i did do onsite.
    Jun 10 1
    • EMC WiUx83
      Appreciate your input .. did u get an offer ? I have my phone screen next week will reach out to u for tips for onsite if I clear the first round 😊
      Jun 12
  • Dell vQko30
    I went through this 3months ago it will be more focused on your experience
    Jun 7 1
    • EMC WiUx83
      Thanks. How was the phone screen? Did u do onsite ?
      Jun 8
  • Have my onsite coming up.. any input on what level of system design questions I should focus on?
    Jun 24 0


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