AWS L7 Offer (not a SDE role but business product manager, MBA type): Need help

Microsoft BLgJ25
May 20 11 Comments

I received an offer from AWS at L7 (principal role as a product manager more closed to business/product/marketing Vs SDE roles). After negotiation, here is where my offer stand:
Base: 160k; Joining bonus for first two years= 457k; RSU=300 stocks. Overall Year 1 and 2, I will be expected to make just over $450k. Is this a good offer? I was surprised that Amazon does not give any one time signing bonus to join the company. Also, I am confused as year 3 and 4, if I don't have stocks, my salary seems to go down.

Look forward to your perspectives.


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  • Amazon Northman
    You are probably calculating stock value at current share price. All Amazon offers factor in 15% gains per year expected. So to price out comp in Y3, multiply #shares by current stock price times 1.15^2. This is target comp in Y3 - historically years 3 and 4 have been way above band in recent history for all L6/L7 hires. Now, as to your offer TC, it depends on your role. Is it SDE? SA? Principal TPM? Assuming Seattle location. More info is needed to comment.
    May 20 2
    • Microsoft BLgJ25
      It's not a software engineering role but more close to strategy, product manager type of role.
      May 20
    • Amazon Northman
      In that case, comp is pretty good.
      May 20
  • Lyft qwert17
    Low end of L7. Ask for 600k
    May 20 2
    • Amazon Northman
      He didn't say SDE. If it is for principal SDE, I agree, this is low band for external offer.
      May 20
    • Microsoft BLgJ25
      Thanks....It's not a software engineering role but more close to strategy, product manager type of role.

      What should be right range I should target then? Appreciate your inputs.
      May 20
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Rsu at amazon are divided as 5/15/40/40 so rsu are for 3rd n 4th year.!
    Around 160 is max base in Seattle for any position so don't think you will get more base.. Overall the package seems to be low
    May 20 0
  • Amazon squak_01
    Catch is to keep out of Dev plan and pivot, in that case you can expect to get similar TC based on RSU vesting (assuming they don't get into any troubles to bring stock down) but sign on bonus will vanish so keeping you at base + 6 month vesting of RSU,

    keep changing your team every 2ish year and you will survive. don't join devices org
    May 20 2
    • Microsoft lSCv88
      Thank you. Little confused on year 3 &4 numbers since sign on bonus will disappear, my compensation will decline based on current RSU offered. I understand that I will likely get additional RSUs but that’s more of an assumption right? Sorry if that’s an obvious question but I still don’t get year 3&4 numbers. Any help appreciated
      May 20
    • Bayer / IT Genie_22
      Based on your numbers above and assuming a starting stock price of 1800. Amazon assumes a 15% year over year increase on the stock price and that’s factored into the offer.

      Year 3 is 446k
      Year 4 is 489k
      May 20
  • Microsoft shredderr
    OP, how many years of experience do you have? Which group in MS?
    Jul 19 0


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