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Aug 10 4 Comments

A recruiter reached out to me about an SDE role at AWS Marketplace. How are the teams/projects? I've heard generally positive things.


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  • Amazon YSerious?
    It depends on what you are looking for. This space has a bunch of ambiguous business problems with a lot of opportunities for making high $$ impact. Unfortunately, people tend to over index on ‘deliver results’ in such an environment thus leading to a spaghetti architecture. Thankfully, leadership is now recognizing the problem and they are investing heavily in fixing the core architectural issues so a lot needs to be done over a period of next 2 years. Source: Two friends working in that space.
    Aug 11 0
  • Amazon


    Awesome work life balance ! Normal tech bar ! You’ll have enough coding and design work to keep you busy 8 hours a day ! High ops bar but low to medium ops load. Ops bar is same as other AWS teams.

    Only business problems, very less technical problems.
    Aug 12 0
  • Amazon pook
    that's a big team, talk to the particular hiring manager for a better idea
    Aug 10 0
  • Amazon amznanon
    I would pass, it's not absolute shit but it's not that great. They're making money and growing, but a lot of the "senior" talent is garbage and makes bad architectural decisions that you're forced to build around.
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