AWS industry Integration PM or PM of one of the services like EC2 or Lamda?

Intel / Product neo_g
Oct 13 2 Comments


If you have option of choosing team for AWS PM role between industry solution integration in AWS vs one of the services like EC2 instance or Lamda etc then which is a good starting point as PM if you are coming from outside with limited domain knowledge of cloud operstions overall. on one hand industry integration seems like great way to get breadth of understanding of how all services work but overall seems bit ambigious whereas with specific service seems well contained and defined. any suggestions/advice on how to think through this?


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  • Google Fdanconia
    Lambda. Serverless is so hot right now and still in it's early stages. You could really influence an industry at this point in time.
    Oct 13 0
  • Microsoft UMbR31
    EC2 PM team? People would kill to be on it.

    I guess it depends on what you want. EC2 will be a very tough gig, but a few years there will make you hot property globally. All these industry integrations might be easier technically, might even show high impact really quickly, more glamorous etc but you are easily replaceable.
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