AWS marketplace WLB and general culture.

Jun 17 9 Comments

I’ve heard some scary stories. What’s the WLB and culture at AWS marketplace team?

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  • Amazon Sev-2Drunk
    Extremely high turn over rate for SDMs, 3 mangers have escaped in the past two weeks.
    Jun 26 5
    • Accenture dof2476
      Do you have insight into why? someone reached out to me for an SDM role.
      Jul 10
    • Amazon Sev-2Drunk
      I think it’s at the L8 level? If you can report directly to Ryan that would be great. Otherwise....

      High turn over rate on SDEs and constantly under the gun to hire. 5-10 open heads per team.

      I know some people are allowed to get away with murder, but if other people do anything remotely close they get hammered.

      High Ops load with sudden demands to shift focus to get something done yesterday that will take 6 months or more to deliver. Plus being understaffed hurts.

      SDMs getting beat up constantly in the organization ops meeting. One week they say make your graphs exactly like this, you change them to the letter and the next week your criticized in front of the org for having graphs as requested.

      There’s great people in the org, it would be nice if they would stay.
      Jul 10
    • Accenture dof2476
      Thanks so much for your input. I beleieve the role I've been asked about is L6 SDM.

      Can you explain what you mean by "high ops load"?

      I wonder why there is so much attrition both on sde and sdm level. Is it jsut poor wlb, poor management or not interesting projects.
      Jul 10
    • Amazon Sev-2Drunk
      High ops= high number of sev-2, stupid high sev-3 per week. Flooded with policy engine violations, blocked software clean up, on top having to work at a crazy tempo to deliver while being short on staff. Things like that
      Jul 10
    • Accenture dof2476
      Understood. Thanks for much for your valuable input. If i end up moving forward with the sdm role, do you mind if I pm you with very specific questions. You seem to have really good insight into the org.

      Thanks again!
      Jul 10
  • Amazon ghjk692
    Avg 5 to 7 sev2 per week is what I heard
    Jun 17 1
    • OP
      What is sev2? What does the numbers 5 to 7 mean? 5 am to 7 pm???
      Jun 17
  • Microsoft Verso L’alto
    Severity 2 service disruptions
    Jun 23 0


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