AWS’ non-compete

Mar 4 4 Comments

Among PMs who moved from AWS to another firm, have you a) left the cloud business entirely, b) left cloud business only in the first year and went back to cloud, or c) stayed in cloud business but worked for a different sub-product (ie. AWS S3 to Azure compute)?


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  • Microsoft naaam
    Unless you're director level and above, nobody cares. Even at top levels no one cares (Ex: Kurian). Me and my teammates have moved between azure and AWS both directions for similar issues. No problems
    Mar 4 0
  • New ruler
    If you are in CA, non-compete has no legal efficacy (you can put noncompete terms in a contract but they are nullified by state law) IANAL, you should consult one if this matters to you
    Mar 4 1
    • New ruler
      Also, google the phrase "California noncompete" first so you know what to ask about when you consult an attorney
      Mar 4
  • Amazon awlR12
    Also curious from a dev perspective.
    Mar 4 0