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Infosys QrSm37
Nov 7 12 Comments

Which one among AWS/AZURE/GoogleCloud would be a better option to learn for career progression, I have been working on SOA/OSB/BPEL/Java stacks but don't see much scope or kind of job requirements I see in the market does not pay much.


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  • Akamai Technologies / Eng __init__()
    Nov 7 0
  • McKesson / Eng

    McKesson Eng

    Freelancer, Amazon
    AWS for the gold
    Nov 7 0
  • Amazon wDaz75
    AWS, especially given your stacks. Maybe GCP (never used it so can’t really say), definitely not Azure
    Nov 7 6
    • Microsoft hahaplease
      Phew. Good thing Walmart, AT&T, Walgreens, et al don’t need to scale! Lots of job reqs say either AWS or Azure so I wouldn’t agree.
      Nov 7
    • Google QTOPS
      Lol @microsoft. doesn't run on azure. does I'll give you that

      Walgreens lol. I doubt they have any service that's really hitting scaling limits of aws

      As for att. Again what core switching fabric runs on azure.
      Nov 7
    • Microsoft hahaplease
      I didn’t say ran on Azure. If you don’t think they have to massively scale stuff they run on Azure (not then I don’t know what to tell you. You all are hung up on .com sites when lots of other stuff needs to scale and is easily as important. I won’t argue .coms with you but you are crazy if you think the number of jobs for .coms is even in the same galaxy as everything else (which very much related to OP).
      Nov 7
    • Microsoft iamletired
      Can confirm Wal-Mart absolutely does run massive, massive workloads on azure
      Nov 7
    • Infosys QrSm37
      thank you everyone for your replies, really appreciate it.
      Nov 11
  • T-Mobile YkNk41
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  • Amazon LWCb73
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  • New DNrB71
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