Absolute savage runs Ponzi scheme from his frat house

Jun 9 5 Comments


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  • New / Eng 🐍 snake

    “investor list composed of “students, University of Georgia faculty, and local restaurant/bar owners.”

    School does not stop you from making stupid mistakes 😩😩...

    Jun 9 0
  • Microsoft KyJeLlY
    I went to UGA. This frat is one of those douchy Chad homesteads. It's off campus, away from the other frat/sorority houses. This doesn't surprise me at all really
    Jun 9 0
  • Google DocStrange
    Embarrassing for UGA. Their students can’t even run a small time Ponzi scheme without getting caught.
    Jun 9 0
  • Amazon broke&dumb
    Absolute savage indeed
    Jun 9 0
  • Amazon blindError
    Stupid is as stupid does
    Jun 9 0


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