Accenture New Grad Negotiation?

Motorola help101011
Oct 28 9 Comments

Does Accenture negotiate new grad salaries from target schools (CS)?

chicago, 84.5k



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  • New / Eng 00ck52
    Go for 95. They'll come back with no or 90.
    Oct 29 2
    • Motorola help101011
      No as in, no negotiations? Or a rescinded offer?
      Oct 29
    • New / Eng 00ck52
      No one rescinds an offer because a candidate has attempted to negotiate. Just tell them you appreciate their interest but was wondering if they could work with you to get towards a number (tell them what you want). Then the ball is in their court. They likely will say they can't, but you never know, maybe they give you 2k extra or 5k. They won't rescind if you're polite and not a dick about it.
      Oct 29
  • Avanade / Consultant gitPullAll
    It’s Accenture lol. Hitting the 80s is as good as it gets with them. You’ll be surrounded by a bunch of non-technical people and regardless of the project you get, it won’t take serious software engineering skills. That’s why they’re able to give you 70/80k.
    Oct 29 0
  • Accenture products
    Is this for CDP/TDP?
    Oct 30 1
  • Accenture


    Amazon, Google
    That’s very good offer
    Oct 29 0
  • New type2
    Oct 29 0
  • Google Good Vibes
    No, that’s a good offer for Accenture though. If you are a CS grad best of going to a tech company unless you really want consulting experience.
    Oct 28 0


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