Accepted new job - Seems fishy

Nike cdgceg
Oct 29 11 Comments

I accepted a new job with an awesome hike to my current salary.

Later on I reached out to my hiring manager to get more details about my day to day. And I realized, that he has plans for me to work on Devops while my area is software development. And he wants me to work on some tools that I never had an exposure towards. Problem is that he is non-technical and I am afraid that he couldn't differentiate between what he needs with what I know.

Is it better to call off the offer? With the technical stack he mentioned, I might need atleast about 2 months of training and I dont know about what kind of an expectations he has for me.

May be he might be expecting me to get upto speed within few weeks? Like they are using python, shell scripting, mule esb while my area is mainly Java. I can pick up any technology but I am afraid about the involved learning curve especially I need to groom some foundational skills on those technologies before getting upto speed. He is non-technical and the people I work with, might give negative feedback in the first few weeks as I don't have experience with what they are working on. And the manager might not understand the root cause.

We already exchanged about 10 emails back and forth, and is it worth to ask for other phone conversation with manager or it's better to just call off the offer? I feel that he already started having negative impression on me because of too many questions from my side.

I am in a comfortable job right now and I am foreseeing some risk with this new position. Any advice please?


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  • Oracle


    Current TC and new TC?
    Oct 29 0
  • HID Global wrap
    Have one on one.Thumb rule if more than three emails exchanged then have one on one so you and your manager on same page. DevOps is good for your carrier growth as well.Explain your problems and don’t just judge your manager is dumb because he is non-technical . Every experience counts and all lessons learnt will help in your career growth. You give your best and try for at least a year if you still feel not comfortable then you can call off.
    Oct 29 0
  • Apple appsrus
    Good chance to learn some new skills and get paid for it.
    Oct 29 0
  • Cruise Automation follow-me@
    better to talk in person
    Oct 29 0
  • Panasonic Avionics Panasonlc
    You have a Java bg and are afraid of scripting languages?
    Oct 30 1
    • Nike cdgceg
      I am not afraid and can easily pick up. But I am afraid. If the manager will.ooperate with the involved learning curve? Like I dont know if he is expecting me to get upto speed in a week or in 2 months
      Oct 30
  • Boeing X road
    just go for it! you'll prove yourself in no time. believe they know what theyre doing and hired you for a reason! i'm in a very similar spot rght now (different industry) and i am choosing to take the opportunity. full confidence in my brain/abilities to learn fast.
    Oct 29 0
  • Nike cdgceg
    I agree with all of you that it's great opportunity to learn new skills. But I am on h1b visa. For some reason they are not happy and shown me the door, I need to pack my bags and leave the country the next day. Keeping aside all my properties here with no one to take care.
    Oct 29 2
    • Apple appsrus
      If it’s a tiny startup, that may be a risk, but hiring and firing is time consuming and expensive. If you think you can pick up what you need in ~3 months, you’re probably fine. I would rather hire someone that can adapt and learn quickly than someone who checks a bunch of boxes on a job req.
      Oct 29
    • New Shaki
      FWIW, it’s not the next day any more. It’s your termination date + 2 months
      Oct 30
  • Oracle sasikalab
    Stay in java development... once you make switch to devops then you will be considered for simlar roles in future.. I would interview more and go to the company which has the tech stack that you want to work in
    Oct 30 0


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