Acura RDX or Lexus RX 350?

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Feb 21 21 Comments

Considering these two cars for leasing. Both come out to be similar and I liked them equally when test driving. Which holds it value better and has easier maintenance during the lease?



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  • Salesforce ldmend
    Asian house mom?
    Feb 213
  • New / Eng


    Always lease a German car and own a Japanese car.
    Feb 210
  • Cruise Automation dkquen381
    Why do you care which holds its value better, you’re leasing. The residual is factored in to the lease, that’s the whole point of leasing.

    Residuals for 10k/36 are 58% and 59% for the RX350 and RDX respectively, suggesting they hold their value about the same after 3 years (which is all that matters for your lease).

    Maintenance is also irrelevant because it’s a brand new vehicle in the warranty period and while leasing you will be expected to maintain the maintenance schedule at an approved dealership.

    If you’re leasing to buy: don’t. Just buy. You’ll get a higher discount off MSRP and your finance rate will be better than the leasing MF.

    Lease whichever has better value numbers and whichever you like the most.
    Feb 217
    • Amazon onmH64
      Leasing is almost always a scam. Why can’t you pay for a car with liquid cash?
      Feb 21
    • Cruise Automation dkquen381
      Leasing is often misunderstood and fills a niche that some people like: having the latest and greatest and replacing it every 2-3 years.

      Buying in cash is dumb, unless you’re buying old and used. Take the ridiculously low finance rate and invest your money for 7%.
      Feb 21
    • Facebook goopl
      But can’t you just buy the car at the end of the lease if you really like it?
      Feb 21
    • Cruise Automation dkquen381
      Yes, but don’t. When you buy a car, just like leasing, there are incentives the manufacturer offers to encourage you to buy the car (discounts).

      The incentives for buying always far outweighs the incentives for leasing. Combined with ridiculously low finance options, resulting in a lower monthly spend than the lease, means you pay less per month AND less overall when you buy directly (as opposed to leasing then buying).

      Lease to buy is basically never the right answer.
      Feb 21
    • Amazon onmH64
      Buying a car in cash is not dumb, unless you’re talking about buying off the lot and taking the instant depreciation loss. Buying a 2-3 year used car with warranty in cash is always more economical than leasing for the remainder of that same car’s lifespan. If you’re able to sell that bought used car, you can recoup even more losses from depreciation.
      Feb 21
    • Cruise Automation dkquen381
      Yes, if you’re going to buy old and used then using cash is not an insane option.

      If you’re buying new, using cash is dumb because financing options are incredible nowadays. That’s probably not the case if you’re trying to get a loan for a used car.
      Feb 21
    • Lyft QqVH47
      Buying with cash gives you opportunity to save on insurance
      Feb 22
  • Oracle / Eng


    If lease get a BMW X3, more fun to drive
    Feb 212
    • Netflix Johnny5
      Yes, very true. Nicer throughout as well. Far better infotainment.
      Feb 21
    • Facebook goopl
      BMW is better but their lease deals are crap
      Feb 21
  • Microsoft / Ops
    Grumpy PM


    Axe yo momma
    Grumpy PMmore
    Model X
    Feb 240
  • Expedia maplha
    Get an X3 or an MB if you are leasing. I won’t lease a Lexus, would rather buy one. Better to lease those expensive toys when you don’t have to maintain them
    Feb 210
  • Microsoft baaaaallls
    Go with the Toyota. That platform is solid. It will be perfect.
    Feb 210
  • Microsoft / Sales-Zod-
    Acura. Hands down.
    Feb 210
  • Netflix Johnny5
    Lexus RX is larger. RDX is pretty small for a CUV
    Feb 210

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