Addepar stock options?

Addepar ))<>((
Feb 21 9 Comments

Do you think it’s worth buying the stock options when you leave? Will have less than two years vested.


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  • Addepar oouiy
    It’s definitely worth buying if you have the funds because the least you can make is the current spread. The real question is when to sell.
    Feb 23 0
  • Google lumpi
    Why leave? I would love to work for addepar
    Feb 21 3
    • Square / Eng SQ
      Then why not?
      Feb 22
    • Glassdoor hfsa
      He's trolling
      Feb 22
    • Google lumpi
      I’m not trolling. They didn’t interview me
      Feb 22
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • What are the problems? Have they been fixed?
      Feb 23
  • Microsoft BcrX06
    Well, you did spend almost two years working for it...
    Feb 21 1
    • Google qsqt04
      How long he was worked there has no bearing on whether it is a smart financial move to exercise his options before leaving.
      Feb 21
  • New uFd56w
    Buy them!
    Feb 21 0