Adderall and the wind down effects

New / IT xizX84j
Apr 30 9 Comments

Besides the obvious writing very dubious quality code (and emails), Any side effects?

In my case I tend to feel paranoid for a couple of hours...


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  • ServiceNow zboot_hi
    dropping an entire paycheck online shopping
    Apr 30 0
  • ConocoPhillips blasé
    The vasoconstriction affected me noticeably.
    Apr 30 1
    • Microsoft !=l33tc0d3
      Do you still continue to take it? I get this also.
      May 1
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    The Walt Disney Company
    A sense of dysphoria - nothing seems fun
    Apr 30 0
  • Anxiety gets pretty bad for me
    Apr 30 0
  • Microsoft rigiisoa
    Ya Adderall is pretty horrible. I was on it for 6 year and quitting was the best thing that ever happened to me
    May 1 0
  • Microsoft
    Tier 1


    #1 in Prestige
    Tier 1more
    Dubious quality code??!
    May 1 0
  • Looking for alternatives..
    Apr 30 0
  • Anxiety paranoia and needing to drink to wind down...
    Every day during weekdays becomes a rough point after a while
    Apr 30 0