Additional income sources (content creation)

Amazon / Eng 1337c043
Sep 11 2 Comments

While on OPT or H1B, can we also monetise a podcast/twitch stream/YouTube channel/blog?

My focus isn't really money, I wanted to know if it is possible to do one of those things, and potentially also monetise it if a decent following is attained, because at that point it would just feel stupid not to.


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  • Axtria sGtv73
    OPT yes
    1. It needs to be relevant to your education, if you plan to make money legally (you have to pay taxes on it)
    2. Your current org may have some terms and conditions especially if what you are planning to do is similar to what you do at your job. Look into that

    H1B no.
    Sep 11 0
  • Microsoft :poop:
    Can't while on H1B, not sure about OPT
    Sep 11 0


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