Additional interviews at Google, pre HC

New HAwl88
May 30 7 Comments

Recently interviewed for EM role. Had two managerial, two coding and one sys design. Recruiter called today and said won't be sending to HC but have very strong signals for managerial, weak for coding (1 good, I bad) and very weak for sys design so another onsite with two sys design and one coding scheduled. Unsure how much effort I need to put in, while I felt good I had another chance it's also really stressful to constantly think about it and prepare. Has Anyone gone through this and passed.? This is pre HC


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  • Facebook megarising
    This happened to me at google. I did 5 rounds, then had to do 2 more sys design rounds and one coding. I ended up getting offer. Be prepared for Google process to take forever and be really stressful.
    May 30 6
    • Facebook megarising
      My was after HC. Thos was for SDE role so may be different. They said the feedback was good, and recruiter sent to HC. Then HC requested more interviews. HC said T4 was approved but more was needed for T5 signal.

      First round was
      3 coding
      2 sys design

      Second round was
      2 coding
      1 sys design

      After that they offered t5
      May 30
    • Glassdoor hdp
      Why did you settle for FB ?
      May 30
    • Facebook megarising
      I hated the Google hiring process. I thought it was the worst of any company I've ever interviewed at.
      May 30
    • New HAwl88
      I have an Fb referral. Tempted to just take it and go through the process. The Google process seemed so adhoc and messy, recruiters seem stretched beyond competence, that I am just put off by it too. My system design interviewer seemed pissed off with everything I was saying, got off the chair and started designing on the board the same things I was saying!
      May 30
    • Facebook megarising
      Even if you want FB, you should still try to get offer from Google. FB will give better offer once you have Google offer.
      May 30