Adobe Quality Engineer role reviews/feedback?

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Aug 27, 2018 3 Comments

How is the Quality Engineer role experience at Adobe (Seattle)? In many other companies this role is phasing out, is that the same case at Adobe or atleast for next 2-3 years it's stable? Do folks get to work on automation/tools/frameworks or is it mostly manual.

How's the interview process - similar hiring bar as dev role (i.e leetcode stuff) or any other test framework specific stuff?


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  • Adobe / Eng AftrDefcts
    Adobe has two main organizations: Experience Cloud (marketing tools) and Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Premiere, etc.). The EC recently declared that the traditional QE/dev separation is going away and the role will be “unified”. How exactly this works varies by team. Many QE were upset by this, including me (I was assigned DevOps work), so I moved to the CC. Traditional QE roles are alive and well there. You can specialize in being a completely manual tester as long as you make this clear when applying for jobs. There are many opportunities for writing automated tests and contributing to test frameworks. It’s been a great experience for me.
    Aug 31, 2018 0
  • Adobe / Eng Mung
    QE at Adobe is a nice gig with lots of opportunity if you take advantage of it. In the past it was primarily black box, but if you can write automation and like straddling code and QE, you’ll have plenty of both. There’s definitely a shift toward more automation and white box.
    Aug 29, 2018 0
  • Adobe Es048
    It's all about Unified Engineering at Adobe Experience Cloud.
    Aug 28, 2018 0


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