Adobe compensation jishnu
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What's the comp for a senior engineer with 15 yrs exp in Bay Area ? I heard the yearly bonus is just 5%. How's the rsus and refreshers and joining bonus. Btw I get 20 - 25% bonus and 60k stock per year at Walmart. What's negotiable at adobe ?


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  • Adobe brSy60
    RSU is not guaranteed every year in annual appraisal .Adobe has high base pay .If you are joining adobe ask your new base as current base + 25 % bonus you have at Walmart. Might be you can ask 250-300k stock grant while joining .
    Mar 1 1
    • Adobe wqKr43
      Maxing your ESPP (or even using it at all) really makes a difference in net compensation.
      Mar 1
  • Adobe tazP84
    I would say try to get $300k to $350k total comp. if you are ML/AI you might get into the upper band.
    Mar 2 0
  • Adobe noMoreLC
    Yearly bonus was increased to 7% across the board. More experienced levels might have a higher bonus - I’m not sure. As someone with only 2 yoe, I’ve gotten 35k/3 and 50k/4 for each year respectively. This doesn’t really help too much with your situation, but hopefully it gives at least a baseline
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  • RingCentral


    Yahoo, Oath
    One life to live!
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  • madhya
    Got a level 5. But Couldn't even reach 300. I declined.
    Mar 23 1
    • Adobe


      Intuit, Autodesk
      Keep a left Sucker
      Did you have other offers?
      Mar 23
  • Oracle / Mgmt aiabc
    How are the adobe interviews
    May 9 0
  • madhya
    No but adobes offer was less than my current comp.
    Mar 23 0
  • Adobe vana030910
    Op what were your final numbers
    Mar 23 0
  • savyasachi
    Thanks guys. What's the criteria to get a level 5.5 at adobe ? I interviewed for xdm org.
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