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Trying to put together a presentation that ad sales at Microsoft is underpaid vs other competitors. Would love to hear from folks at Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snap, etc. What does your total pay structure look like? I'll share to start: highest level for non-manager (independent contributor) account executive. Base: $151k, incentive comp total: $124k (50/50 split. CBI/annual bonus baseline: $62k, RBI/revenue quota attainment: $62k). Total comp: $276k. Probably another $15k/yr stock but I've had a few years of grants. Company values other benefits at ~$30k (401k match, health care/HSA, etc). Again, I'm at the top end of the range, newer AEs probably more like $120k base, $100k incentive comp, $220k total. Would love your feedback, thanks in advance. Oh, and please point me to any existing threads if this was already discussed and I missed it.


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  • Facebook public2
    What's the purpose here? Why invest time proving something everyone already knows?
    Jun 25 2
    • Microsoft / Sales Evwh47
      Fair question. Execs are finally asking so it makes sense to take action. If we're underpaid maybe we can drive across-the-board the-board increases for me and my coworkers. If we're appropriately paid then that's good to know too. You personally may "already know" this but that's because you have more/better information, I'm just trying to gather the same kind of info.
      Jun 25
    • Facebook public2
      Interesting, good luck!
      Jun 25
  • Facebook abqwe
    Hi OP can you refer me at Microsoft ad sales?
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