Advice for a Newbie

New wotxUa
Jun 6 1 Comment

Seems like there are a lot of veteran HW Engineers here! I'm pretty fresh with less than 1 year of experience...Is there any sage advice that you would like to impact to an impressionable new HW engineer like me? Would appreciate the kindness!


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  • Intel / Eng CoryP
    1. Never stop learning. Seriously, when you get deep into a project you might silo yourself into doing really specific things over and over for years. Don't get into a situation where the most technical things you've been doing for the past year is copying & pasting signal names. Try to do as many different things as possible.

    2. HW project timelines can get really long. If you feel like you've stopped learning don't feel like you are obligated to see things through with your current project. Look out for yourself.

    3. Fuck the haters.

    Disclaimer: I'm still relatively new too.
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