Advice for a non coder who wants to learn to code

Chevron Kecx15
May 31 11 Comments

A bit of background: been at current company for 11 years starting In operations of a facility to now being a group that’s a bridge between IT and the Business. My manager has asked me to learn the Salesforce platform and I’m getting close to putting out my first set of products to our user community. I’ve barely scratched the surface of my knowledge of Salesforce but thinking I need to pick up some coding skills (likely iOS). Any advice for someone who has never coded on were to start? Apex, Swift? Ideally whatever I pick up will either prepare me for the future in the company (and the drive to AI) or push me into a high paying job elsewhere.

Thank you In advance.


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  • Twitter finetody
    Be prepared for 22 year old college grads able to do ur job quicker and for cheaper
    May 31 1
    • Chevron Kecx15
      Part of the risk I guess
      May 31
  • / Eng riveren
    Go through the CS50 Introduction to Computer Science course from Harvard. It's freely available online (I used the edX version) and will take you from zero to writing in C, and then Python.

    Good CS fundamentals are the most-skipped step from people who self-teach programming, but they pay dividends. If you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals, you can learn anything. If you skip right to the trendy language/framework of choice, you'll have a much harder time transferring those skills to something new when you inevitably need to learn more.

    Start with CS50. Then work on projects, reading through the books from as you go.
    May 31 5
    • Chevron Kecx15
      Thank you so, so much!
      May 31
    • / Eng riveren
      Happy to help! It's a long journey you're starting, but it's worthwhile. I was in your shoes just a couple years ago; feel free to DM me if you want to talk more.
      May 31
    • Airbnb New999hire
      Starting with C is the absolute worst advice I've ever heard. This comment feels like sabotage.
      May 31
    • New VFcO68
      Airbnb why is the worst advise?
      May 31
    • Airbnb New999hire
      Because C is by far the least forgiving language?
      Jun 1
  • If you care about long term, here is my take:

    1. Learn Python to get the basics out of the way.
    2. Take a data structures and algorithms at a local CC and watch MIT algorithm series.
    3. Do Leetcodes (target 200) and apply to FAANG

    Once you finish these steps, I think picking a new language or framework would not be an issue.

    The cons is it would be boring and no practical and hand-on stuff. But foundation is important.

    Quote from Linux creator Linus Torvalds about good programmer:

    “Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships.”
    May 31 0
  • Don't get discouraged. You'll get stuck a lot, specially in the beginning, but it gets better over time
    May 31 0
  • Google yellowshit
    Be prepared to be treated like a virus.
    May 31 0


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