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New aFTx23
Sep 3 7 Comments

Im graduating this spring and wanting to get a job in the bay area. I live in the midwest. I have experience as a full software engineer but dont hear back very often from recruiters or companies. is there just too much competiton in the bay area?


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  • Cisco NnMk28
    Practice Leetcode + actively seek referrals from your network = higher chance to land a job.

    At least it worked well for me.
    Sep 3 1
    • Neato Robotics / R&D fahl54
      This is one of the best advice I have seen on blind, I would just add that don't understand estimation your self, half of the people working in valley don't know shit, if you feel like Jon Snow, you are not alone, keep your head down and keep on improving
      Sep 3
  • What do you mean by "as a full software engineer"?
    Sep 4 2
    • New aFTx23
      I could have worded that better, I meant not an intern. I worked as intern my first couple of years of college and now have been working as basically full time dev last couple of years
      Sep 4
    • Sounds like you are not a new grad. New grad usually implies someone with no industry experience.
      Sep 4
  • There is always high competition in the bay area for the best talent. But on the other hand the place is also in dire need for people who have skills like you. As your first stepping stone, perhaps try smaller companies, such as mid to late stage start-ups. They need software engineers, but because they are less known, less people apply. So the competition is less for candidates.

    Anyway, no matter what the most important thing is to get referrals.
    Sep 4 0
  • Google / Eng d3j88wq
    Look for opportunities to meet recruiters in person
    Sep 4 0