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General Motors ironring
Jul 15 7 Comments

Hi I am a 27yo working for GM as a test engineer. I am interested to move to California. I see there are lot of software jobs. I have a bachelors in EE power systems. I do not see as many positions for this. Is it wise for me to do MS in CS/MBA to get into FANG? I never coded much my entire life how hard is CS at 27 without much experience in coding. MBA is another option im just worried about the cost and visa. Im on TN.

TC: 97k
YOE: 4


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  • Oracle not_larry
    MBA: No
    MS CS: Maybe
    Jul 15 0
  • Seagate toti420
    As stated above, MBA absolutely not! MS in CS, sure. Realistically, it’ll be years for you to earn the kind of high TCs you see on Blind.
    Jul 15 3
    • General Motors ironring
      Thank you for the suggestions!! I am trying to look into roles like Firmware Engineer/Embedded software Engineer where there is some knowledge of EE required as well and its not as intense as pure software development. Do you suggest self studying for these rather than a CS degree?
      Jul 16
    • Seagate toti420
      Well, first of all having an MS in CS has many other benefits: 1) with more advanced degrees, generally you can get higher salaries and get promoted faster 2) you’ll have many more job opportunities especially if you combine that with Leetcode practice 3) more prestige and more in depth knowledge of computer science which translates to better problem solving skills. Of course that costs you the headache of applying to grad schools, becoming a student again, paying tuition, books, homework etc. If you have a spouse and kids that may be difficult to do.
      If all you want is to use your EE knowledge to get into firmware engineering positions that may require programming skills, then you’re better off studying on your own, maybe learn C/C++. Python is always easy to learn but in firmware I think C++ is more useful. I don’t know for sure.
      Jul 16
    • General Motors ironring
      Thank you that helps. I have a LDR and my husband lives in Cali. Trying to move first and in that process I am learning how helpful CS knowledge would be in future. But for immediate jobs ill practice programming and try for Automotive positions/ Firware positions.Would definitely think of MS in CS as I go forward.
      Jul 16
  • VMware tomatoe
    If possible learn CS and Leetcode on your spare time. Companies don't care about degree. If you can crack the interview you are good. One of my friend had bachelor's in Psychology but he did some projects on github and learned programming. Now he is here in Bay Area working as an iOS app developer.
    Jul 15 1
    • eBay five100
      What is the best way to learn coding?
      Jul 15


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