After 4 years SWE & 2 years TPM... At a loss for how to proceed

New / Eng Adca17
Aug 6 6 Comments

I studied CS (graduated 6 years ago), worked as a SWE at two London unicorns. For the past 2 years I transitioned to a TPM to help grow the company.

I burned out and took some time off, but now I'm at a loss for how to proceed with my career.

In total I have about 4 years SWE experience but I feel very rusty on technical interview stuff. On the other hand, I don't feel confident enough to interview on PM tracks for a different company.

I did a bunch of interview practice and have ended up with 1 phone screen fail, 3 hackerrank fails, 2 CV fails, and countless non-responses / dead conversations on LinkedIn with friends of friends.

My plan right now is to continue practicing but it's hard to keep my head up when I'm haemorrhaging savings at the same time.

What would you do in my situation? Double down into product? Return to SWE?


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  • Dell LUHV04
    TPM is technical program management - correct ?

    And you are planning to transition to product management ?
    Aug 6 3
    • Google valleyman
      👆 what do you mean by "tpm"?
      Aug 6
    • Dell LUHV04
      by Tpm I meant - tech is program management
      Aug 6
    • New / Eng Adca17
      Sorry late reply - I used a heavily overloaded acronym. I meant Technical Product Manager!
      Aug 19
  • Facebook solidmeh
    Do you what you think you're stronger again. Also, why not apply for both roles? Maybe not at the same company but there's plenty of hiring out there.
    Aug 26 0
  • Microsoft tzx
    I think you should double down on Product, because I feel there is a dearth of solid Product folks from where I Come from. You can start from some place which would not result in a burnout
    Aug 6 0