After work training for managers

Microsoft mfdoomoo
Apr 6 11 Comments

I have long stopped learning or doing anything really technical at work as technical manager. I lead a large team of engineers and PMs. I am a mom of three and finding it very hard to become technical again. At work I only have time just to be a manager. Are there workshops or training that I could take to help me become hands on again. Thinking of a night a week on different topics. Mostly in areas like deep learning which I didnโ€™t do in my undergrad. As I am pretty senior, would love a safe environment to learn, preferably with women only. I have been at Microsoft for 20 years and want to gain new skills, not just be a manager. Advice?


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  • Akamai Technologies โ€‰
    What?! Safe environment? You think men in Tech are not safe to be with?
    Apr 67
    • Microsoft mfdoomoo
      By safe I meant by people at a similar stage in their career. I donโ€™t mind if there are men but not looking to be in a class with devs just out of college. May be I am worrying too much?
      Apr 6
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    • Two Sigma quartzclk
      You comment makes me think sheโ€™s justified...
      Apr 6
    • New / Eng666 666
      She is taking whatever advantages current sexists trends provide to women. Cant blame her at all.
      Apr 6
    • Akamai Technologies โ€‰
      20 years in MS??
      Ride the wave while you can.
      Milking the MS cow ๐Ÿ„ ๐Ÿ˜€
      Apr 6
    • Dropbox systest
      Fine. We got the message. Men in tech are not safe. Have a nice day OP.
      Apr 6
    • Yahoo


      Salesforce, LinkedIn, Microsoft
      Very sad outlook :(
      Apr 7
  • Lol what does a safe environment mean? You're scared of being around people that know more than you? Take your sexism somewhere else.
    Apr 60
  • Amazon / Eng3d
    I would recommend meetups in the area. There are quite a few on a vast array of topics.
    Apr 110
  • Google tussauds
    Maybe take an online class to start.
    Apr 100

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