AirBnB referral confirmation

Jul 26 7 Comments

Does AirBnB send you a confirmation email when someone refers you?


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  • Airbnb NotAnAlly
    Referrals are often rejected. Your friend should be able to tell.
    Jul 26 3
    • Axtria KzhH222
      Why is that? Mine got rejected too, what's the best way to get in then?
      Jul 27
    • Airbnb NotAnAlly
      Apply online
      Jul 27
    • Axtria KzhH222
      So applying online has better chances than someone referring me? That's strange.
      Jul 27
  • Axtria KzhH222
    I didn't receive any but I know my friend referred me because the email from the recruiter mentioned that
    Jul 26 1
    • OP
      Someone supposedly referred me a week ago, but I haven’t heard from a recruiter.
      Jul 26
  • New / Design

    New Design

    No you do not get an email. (Source: prev. worked at Airbnb) My friend also said they’re making changes to the referral process so may have something to do with not hearing back / slower process
    Jul 26 0


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