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Apr 2 7 Comments

Have you ever used AirBnB?



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  • Microsoft maxof10
    The system allow host to cancel on you if they think they can make more money renting to someone else. Given that the renter may already have non refundable expense at that point (plane tickets, entertainment tickets,...) and that there may not be comparable quality/price/location available by the time the cancellation happen, this can leave the customer in a bad situation and AirB&B doesn’t care.

    So while I have had some positive experiences, there’s definitely significant risk associated with usage of there services.
    Apr 2 4
    • New / Eng sizeof(🍆)
      AirBnb does penalize hosts for cancellations including banning hosts who cancel 3 times in one year. Only book with highly rated hosts who have long hosting history and you will avoid cancellations.
      Apr 2
    • Google GodAtGoogl
      You have no idea what you are talking about. If a host cancels he is not allowed to rent the same dates to anyone else in Airbnb platform
      Apr 2
    • Microsoft h.a.l.
      Wow, that's terrible. AirBnb is just fancy Craigslist, so hope the platform compensates renters when something like this happens.
      Apr 2
    • Microsoft maxof10
      From some article I read, they advertise on multiple platforms and so they ll still rent it for the same week, just using something else.
      Apr 2
  • Amazon / Eng tenders
    I use Airbnb when I travel to the Bay Area since hotel prices are nuts... $700 dollars a night was the cheapest 4 star hotel... 3 stars was 350 a night
    Apr 2 0
  • Airbnb / Eng Linen
    The fuck is AirBnB
    Apr 3 0